Weekly Recommended Properties

Apartment For Rent

  • Emperor Mansion
    Emperor Mansion
    Tianhe District
    135square meters
    Rent:1600 USD/Mon
  • Regal Harbour
    Regal Harbour
    Haizhu District
    262square meters
    Rent:3800 USD/Mon
  • Favor View Palace
    Favor View Palace
    Tianhe District
    228square meters
    Rent:2300 USD/Mon
  • The Cosmos
    The Cosmos
    Tianhe District
    206square meters
    Rent:1900 USD/Mon
  • The Guangzhou Riverside Residence
    The Guangzhou Riverside Residence
    Tianhe District
    176square meters
    Rent:1500 USD/Mon
  • Central Park View
    Central Park View
    Tianhe District
    195square meters
    Rent:1500 USD/Mon
  • Castle Hill Luxury Homes
    Castle Hill Luxury Homes
    Baiyun District
    465square meters
    Rent:5000 USD/Mon
  • Ascott
    Tianhe District
    63square meters
    Rent:2200 USD/Mon

Villa For Rent

  • Golden Lake
    Golden Lake
    Baiyun District
    875square meters
    Rent:6000 USD/Mon
  • Oakwood Gold Arch Residence
    Oakwood Gold Arch Residence
    Yuexiu District
    412square meters
    Rent:10000 USD/Mon

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